Kelloggs serves gourmet cereal at its permanent all-day breakfast café in NYC

I am adding another thing to my Bucket List. Having gourmet cereals at the Kelloggs Cereal Café at Times Square, New York City. July 4th had bigger celebrations at this smart looking café which opened doors for customers who are “too lazy to clean their cereal bowl” after breakfast. This luxury cereal-only café by Kelloggs is intended to bring back the culture of cereals, which had been facing a decline off-late. The regeneration includes a swanky approach of attracting “millenials” (destroyers of cereal culture it seems) in a colourful manner with “recipes” developed by chef Christina Tosi, founder and owner of Momofuku Milk Bars in NYC, Washington DC and Toronto.

The menu features options such as Pistachio & Lemon which is Special K cereals, Frosted Flakes, pistachios, lemon zest and thyme. Not impressive? What about The Circus – Raisin Bran, toasted peanuts and banana chips? No? then this should do it – The Chai Line – Crispix, fresh peaches, chai tea powder. I knew it, had to be the tea. A regular bowl will cost $7.5 and small will be $6.5. For yoghurt, you pay $2 extra. Also for extra cream and milk and anything else extra.
[ Via : Fortune ]

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