A store in Tokyo is selling KitKat Sushi and it looks delicious

Gourmet cuisine sure seems to be taking new twists and turns every now and then. But seriously who would have thought that Kit Kat sushi could soon be thing for real? Brining you a combination of the two hottest selling edibles in Japan is Tokyo’s soon to be launched street- facing Kit-Kat specialty shop. The intriguing amalgamation of the chocolate bar and the Japanese staple sushi is the brainchild of Chef Yasuaki Takagi and will be presented in three unique flavors.

Created especially for the launch of the one-of-its-kind store in Ginza, the limited edition delights will be available in Tamago (egg), Uni (sea urchin), and Maguro (tuna) varieties. While this eerily bizarre fusion may seem like a cruel joke on your taste buds, it may in fact turn out to be the pleasure you never thought of. While the Maguro variant consists of delicious raspberry Kit Kats on white chocolate puffed rice, the Tamago offers a pumpkin pudding mix with additional seaweed, and the Uni presents yet another tantalizing mash of melon and mascarpone cheese, again wrapped in seaweed.

Earlier last year, Japan teased its country men with a Kit Kat sushi edition on April fool’s day. While that may have been laughed off, the fusion food is now here for real. If you wish to sample these strangely appetizing treats, head to the Ginza store between February 2-4 where the limited edition Kit-Kat sushi will retail at $26 (3000 YEN).

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