Hello Kitty branded musk melons sell in Japan

Am I just imagining this, or is it for real? I hear Japan’s selling 300 exclusive musk melons. And what makes these exclusive is none other than a “Hello Kitty” image etched into its rind. More so, the melons are selling at an exorbitant price of $50 each. Yes, go ahead, call this ridiculous, for I share your emotions. However cute this sounds, you can only leave it to your imagination; who in their right mind would opt for this branded delicacy. Of course, you might buy one to impress your daughter, who is a Hello Kitty fan. Well, that I can give in to.

So if you belong to the latter category and wish to gift your children a kitty branded musk melon, you should hurry. The sale lasts only till July 31. You can order your feline branded fruit through the online gourmet food specialty shop, Belluna.


[Via – Belluna-Gourmet and Japantoday]

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