Hello Kitty branded musk melons sell in Japan

Am I just imagining this, or is it for real? I hear Japan’s selling 300 exclusive musk melons. And what makes these exclusive is none other than a “Hello Kitty” image etched into its rind. More so, the melons are selling at an exorbitant price of $50 each. Yes go ahead, call this ridiculous, for I share your emotions. However cute this sounds, you can only leave to your imagination, who in their right mind would opt for this branded delicacy. Of course you might buy one to impress your daughter who is a Hello kitty fan. Well that I can give in to.

So if you belong to the latter category and wish to gift your children a kitty branded musk melon, you should hurry. The sale lasts only till July 31. You can order your feline branded fruit through the online gourmet food specialty shop, Belluna.

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[Via – Belluna-Gourmet and Japantoday]