Ladurée is now offering macarons that supposedly taste like Marina Abramović

Ladurée is all set to give you a taste of Marina Abramović, and if the artist has her way it will be a more literal taste than figurative. In an effort to allow audiences to “taste” the artist Ladurée has partnered with the sugar artists at NYC-based studio, Kreëmart, to create ‘Marina Abramović’s Taste’, a set of three macarons comprised of the memories, fragrances and scents that make up her life.

“My grandmother, early morning, making coffee,” Abramović said. “The smell of coffee was everywhere in the house. Then I remember the smells of fresh basil, thyme, cardamom seeds, and exotic smells from the trips I took later on and remember exploring volcanoes and waterfalls and remember this feeling in the early morning when I see the line of the sea just meet the ocean, and ocean meet the sky. All of this, in this macaron of me.”

The macarons are dyed blue, and covered with gold leaf. They also bear the Abramović family’s coat of arms. The three piece box is prices at €85 or approximately $100.

“When I said I wanted to have my own taste, they asked me so many questions…” Abramović told the AFP, “what I like, the colors, the smells, the landscapes in nature, the memories of childhood… all of this went into the Pastry Portrait of me.”

Marina had a unique reason for choosing this unorthodox medium. “My work is most of the time immaterial because performance art is immaterial, it is conceptual and limited by time,” she said. “Kreëmart’s work in the medium of sugar is completely immaterial too, because you consume it, you eat it, and it’s gone. What is left behind is the memory of what you eat.”

If a taste of Marina Abramović is what you’re after, head to Harrods in London where they are being sold currently. They will soon be available at Ladurée cafes in New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Milan.


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