Ladurée pays tribute to Manhattan with new creamy citrus pastry

To tickle your sweet senses Ladurée has launched its latest creation – Saint Honore Manhattan. No prices to guess what this little treat pays tribute to. It comes perfectly dressed in subtle, yet elegant shades of cream and caramel with the authoritative citric flavours of lime and orange. If this dessert had to be named, it would easily be Audrey Hepburn. There is class, as is appearance. The cream puff pastry consists of salted caramel with diced banana, lime zests and Chantilly cream flavoured with orange blossoms. If this hasn’t convinced you, then perhaps you need to go get one and e rest assured. Ladurée cannot go wrong. We haven’t heard of it if so. But then how could they? After all, the French luxury confectioner is the fashion industry’s choice of indulgence. The special edition is part of the Ladurée Fall Winter Preview for 2015. No, it isn’t some joke. Apparently that is how the brand launches its new tray of treats – seasons of sweetness. This world never fails to amuse.

laduree-collage 2
A piece of Manhattan will cost you $8.3. The chosen name is a little confusing though. Could they mean the Saint Honore Manhattan watch brand, or a pastry shop there?

[ Via : Yorkavenueblog ]

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