Limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles for the Philippines

If wine is renaissance art, whiskey has the sophistication of royalty. And if it comes packaged in an exquisite limited version, it becomes an artifact. Connoisseurs are aware of this truth, and we have seen it through a series of limited edition versions of Johnnie Walker’s most exclusive whiskey, Blue Label. We have seen it in the Cityscape series featuring some of the most stunning city skylines, including Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Mumbai, Singapore, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. And also the Chinese mythological figures. Here is a name you don’t hear mentioned too often in the luxury class circa – the Philippines

To celebrate the country’s Independence Day, falling on June 12, the whiskey house is launching a special bottle with the country’s favourite drink. The bottle will have a gold embossed map of the Philippines and only 7,107 bottles will be made. That equals the total number of islands in the Philippine archipelago, and will be available only in the mother country. This also marks the first time that an Asian nation creates a gold embossed country edition for Johnnie.

[Via – Forbes]

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