Lindt to open a 65,000 sq ft museum in Zurich and it will have the worlds largest chocolate fountain

Chocolate lovers – hold your breaths, for our ultimate dream is about to come true! In doing what it does best, Lindt is all set to open doors to the ‘Home of Chocolate’ – a glimmering space dedicated to the history and production of one of Switzerland’s most delicious exports. Yes, you heard us!

Conceptualized by Basel-based architects Christ & Gantenbein, the multifunctional building is a spectacle, to say the least. It is located in Kilchberg and features a multi-media and interactive exhibition, research, and show production facility, and the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop, a Lindt café, and a Lindt Chocolateria for chocolate courses.

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The cherry on the cake though is a gigantic chocolate fountain (more than 9 meters tall) at the entrance of the building. Visitors at the facility are welcomed to a world of confectionary where they can learn how to handle chocolate and create their personal chocolate masterpieces and devour delicious home-made waffle and gazillion other chocolate specialties.

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The Lindt Home of Chocolate will open doors on September 13. You can take a virtual tour of the facility here. Looks like Chocolate heaven just got a new address!

[Via: Departures]