Lingerie Designer Chantal Thomass dresses up Coca-Cola in lace and satin ribbons for Spring

Chantal Thomass plays her strengths of seductive corsets, stockings and garters on the curves of Coca Cola’s aluminum bottle. The French lingerie designer joins the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs to have collaborated with the Coca-Cola Light for their special edition.

The designer back in February created a special edition Diet Coke cans for the Valentine’s Day. Just like the can, the bottle is helmed with laces, bobbin on silver background, adorned with pink powder for a playful romance this Spring season. A delicate satin ribbon embraces the brand’s logo in the center.

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“I am honored to be entrusted with the Artistic Director of Coca-Cola light for Spring 2014! What better way to celebrate women in reinterpreting the codes of glamour and sensuality of lingerie on this iconic drink,” the designer said in a press release.

Additionally a collector box will go on sale from April 24, 2014 at the Creative Shop, 211 Rue Saint Honoré Paris 1. The limited edition of 50 sets, the jewel collector features a delicate powder pink satin heart on background opening to an aluminum bottle nestled in the hollow of the cabinet. Height of refinement and sensuality, it contains a valuable accessory seduction: A Tatting that you can wear in the hollow of the neck, in your hair or even around the wrist.

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The collector’s edition aluminum bottle is priced between € 1.10 and € 2.

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