LL travels back in time – When the most expensive wine in the world was drunk and broken

The name William Sokolin rang a bell with wine merchants back in 1989 and it potentially yet does. The wine merchant accidently broke a bottle of 1787 Château Margaux at the Bordeaux dinner three decades ago but it’s a name we have not forgotten. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you would realise the monumental worth and monetary value of this bottle.

Of course, this accident caused quite a bit of flurry and heartbreak in the hearts of the 193 guests that were there to witness this event at the Pool Room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan.

The bottle is believed to be the property of Thomas Jefferson (remember the Declaration of Independence) and was discovered behind a Paris cellar wall in 1985. Sokolin came into the picture when he received the 1787 Margaux on consignment from a British wine firm, and he recently declared it to be worth $519,750.

Sokolin has a notorious reputation for himself and his wines, so people are hesitating to believe the accident. By the way, the insurance company paid off only $225,000.

While we may never know how the wine tasted but the 1787 Château Margaux is said to resemble chocolate-brown goo and emitted an intense aroma similar to that of stewed prunes.

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