London’s Café Royal Hotel adds ‘The Immortelle Tribal’, Givenchy’s new perfume-inspired cocktail to its menu

After the success of its seven Givenchy perfume-inspired cocktails, Hotel Café Royal has announced an exciting new addition to its cocktail collection, in celebration of Givenchy’s new fragrance – the Immortelle Tribal from the L’Atelier de Givenchy collection. The fragrance is a heady mix of rare flowers and woody notes and the same has been used by the Green Bar’s talented head mixologist, Antonio Catapano to create a new cocktail. The rich floral cocktail has been made with the aromatic extracts of rose, violet and jasmine which contrasts with cognac, whiskey and a fig liqueur base.

The new cocktail, like the rest of the perfumed cocktails have been designed to mirror the fragrances of L’Atelier de Givenchy fragrance collection. By bringing together fragrance and flavor, the cocktails with its distinct color, personality and taste are truly unique.

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The exclusive collection of eight cocktails, including the exquisite Imortelle Tribal, will be available in the hotel’s vibrant Green Bar until September 19, 2015 and is priced at £13 ($20) per cocktail. For the non-drinkers, there is also the choice of four alcohol free mocktails, priced at £8 ($12) each.

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