Long Island restaurant has announced a ‘Bird Box’ themed dinner

Netflix’s thriller show Bird Box hit headlines for two reasons; firstly the thriller show was truly fascinating, and second, it was discontinued soon after as social media users blindfolded themselves and enacted daring stunts.

Paying tribute to this short-lived show is a restaurant in Long Island. Tomorrow night, the Milleridge Inn has curated a Bird Box–themed meal.
According to a press release, the Milleridge Inn in Jericho will “transform into scenes from the Netflix blockbuster Bird Box as hundreds of local residents blindfold themselves and eat a meal to reenact the iconic scenes of the movie.”

There are a few caveats that go with dinner. Firstly, diners will have to maintain a silence throughout the entire dinner. Secondly, soundtracks, bird sounds, and rushing water sounds from the film will play. Thirdly and most importantly, taking off your blindfolds is forbidden.

Ultimately, diners will be permitted enter “the birdhouse,” a safe space where they can take off their blindfolds.


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