Make your cognac exquisite with 18K Gold Whiskey Chillers

It really doesn’t matter how you like your spirits; you prefer it straight up or diluted with chilled water – but only if you aren’t a true whiskey-lover. Whisky aficionados who enjoy their beverages with a slight chill but don’t want water down the perfect balance of flavors in their chosen spirit always choose whiskey stones. But how about enjoying the golden spirit in a more exquisite way by trying Executive Balls of Steel 18K Gold Chillers instead of whiskey rocks? Just the other day I came across an Internet Meme that read: “Redbull give you wings, but Whiskey gives you balls of steel.” Little did I anticipate that I’ll be doing a story covering whiskey and gilded balls of steel!

gold-plated-balls-2The Executive Balls of Steel, a pair of whiskey-chilling balls hand-crafted out of 18k gold, exude opulence no doubt and in fact each of the two steel balls is put through a long, careful process of gold plating to achieve a beautiful 18K gold finish, making it the world’s first gold whiskey chillers. Limited to just 25 units, in addition to their obvious drink cooling capabilities the gilded whiskey balls will also help in saving lives. These sets will help fund testicular cancer research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University Of Texas, since Balls of Steel pledged to donate 80% of the proceeds earned from their sales. Priced at $499, the set of gold plated balls will come in gorgeous Alder Wood Boxes from Fort Collins, Colorado.

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