Meet Britain’s most expensive dessert, the Billionaire Soft Serve

In the world of sweet treats there are a few desserts that are a class apart. London’s Snowflake Luxury Gelato has created a Billionaire Soft Serve which definitely belongs in the latter category. This isn’t any old ice cream, it’s rather a luxe confection that’s adorned with gold flakes, golden pearls and even edible diamonds (probably just made of sugar guys, don’t get TOO excited).

Weighing 350gms, this edible treasure begins with a handmade cone which has been dipped into Madagascan dark chocolate and decorated with golden pearls. The cone is filled with salted caramel ice cream and topped with caramelized pecans, Belgian white chocolate truffles filled with caramel and a raspberry macaroon. The ice cream includes a pipette of liquid (presumably salted caramel or syrup) and a Cadbury Flake.

Priced at £100, this treat takes up not only your money, but also you time as you’ll have to wait a good 15 minutes for it to be assembled. Snowflake Luxury Gelato is also selling £5 Gelato Stix for those not looking to break the bank on their weekly indulgence.


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