Moët & Chandon pay tribute to nine U.S locales with its new limited edition bottles

What is that one thing that graces every occasion just about right? Yes you guessed it right, its champagne! May it be that well deserved promotion, your BFF’s birthday night or your impromptu anniversary midnight bash, every occasion benefits well with a bottle of this bubby concoction. And what better name than Moët & Chandon when it comes to champagne! While Moët has been to the go-to champagne and wine brand for many, it recently decided to up its innovative quotient with the launch of the Nectar Imperial Rosé in the all new limited edition series.

moet-&-Chandon-limited-edition-bottles (2)
It’s no news that the brand’s delicate pink creation, Nectar Imperial Rosé is the top selling rose champagne in the U.S. And to grace this very love, Moët & Chandon have come up with the exclusive limited edition city bottles. In a way to honor the country, the new limited edition bottles will come decorated with the map of select landmarks of nine U.S. cities including Los Angeles. The bottles will also adorn a golden top to give it a grand look. Only ten of these unique bottles will be made available, expectedly by the end of the month.

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If however you are not a single city enthusiast but rather a true-blue traveler, you can opt for the full set of the bottles which will come packed in an individualized wooden box, prettified with a golden latch and covered with a map of Paris, the birth city of the Imperial Rosé. Each of these bottles will be sold at a price of $70. Not much for a sip of the pink beauty in its new form I say!

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