Mounted with a Floating Cotton Candy cloud, this could be the coolest coffee cup ever!

Coffee Art is outdone, said no one ever! And while designs on the frothy layers of your latte may seem a little off the block, there are lots left to explore in the land of coffee yet. Making you believe so while also presenting you with a dream of sorts are the blokes at Chinese cafe chain Mellower Coffee who recently created magic with their new edition titled – Sweet little Rain.

No ordinary brew, every cup of the ‘Sweet Little Rain’ comes with your favorite Americano and a ball of white cotton candy to go with it. However, the fluff of sugar, instead of being offered on the side comes Suspended above the mug. The floating “cloud” is meant to drip sugar when hit by the coffee’s steam, thus adding sweetness to your coffee as you savor it. As expected, the wonder of a coffee has already made its way to Instagram with its trending tag being- #sweetlittlerain.

Creators at Mellower Coffee have come with the several unique coffee concoctions in the past, however, this could by far rate as one of their best. While there’s little information on the price and availability of the brew, it is anticipated to be available in every one of Mellower Coffee’s 50+ sites worldwide. All said, your ultimate coffee dream now has a name and it’s called the Sweet Little Rain!


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