New Yorkers and Chicagoites, Uber will now deliver food to your doorstep in 10 mins

Uber is one of those services which is really gifted! I mean how often are you unsuccessful at hailing a cab? But, Uber is now not only restricted to the transfer of passengers – with their recently launched UberEATS, Uber has diversified into the food delivery service.

The format is pretty simple to say the least! An option of EATS will be available on the Uber app and instead of a driver picking up and dropping off a passenger; it will be dropping off dinner to your doorstep. Before you associate this service with your run-of-the-mill food delivery service, think again! These orders are at your doorstep within ten minutes!

UberEATS aims to not only cut down delivery wait times, but also order any restaurant Uber partners with. Plus, you could be standing on the beach or in a park, and Uber would still know where to find you. Anywhere you can drop a pin you can get food now.

Initially a service that was only provided in the cities of Barcelona and Los Angeles is now available within New York City and Chicago.


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