Not your average Nespresso – Made with edible gold dust this is the most expensive coffee pod in the world

A great cup of coffee can enlighten your mood! And in going above and beyond to bring you the best, a Singaporean start-up by the name of Medano Coffee has created the most expensive (and hopefully the most flavorsome) coffee pod in the world! Yes, that’s right!

The lush coffee capsules are made using the highest quality King Jantan peaberry coffee beans and 22K gold dust, which gives it’s a unique flavor. And not just that, proceeds from the coffee’s sale will be donated to charity, as stated by the brand’s founders Wee Hao and Chris.

Commenting on it, Ng Wee Hao, co-founder of Medano Coffee, said: “We harvest the best coffee beans from Asia, meticulously roast them to different degrees of perfection, and present them in a unique, contrasting way to our most discerning coffee lovers.” He further added, “We wanted to show coffee is colorful and flavorful and do something people are happy about. Coffee is one product everyone drinks and enjoys, so it’s a lot more fulfilling.”

Medano Coffee’s premium pods are a limited edition and are being offered for $54.63 per pod (with a set of five retailing at $ 285). Calling for a cup of coffee with a dash of gold, please!

[Via: Guinness World Records]