Now open – Europe’s first underwater restaurant that offers views of the Norweigan sea bed

In November last year, we confirmed the opening of Europe’s first underwater restaurant; and now we have scooped out some delicate details on this architectural marvel.

For our readers that missed the earlier post, here’s a quick refresher; the restaurant, aptly labelled “Under” is half-submerged into the sea off Norway’s shores. Commissioned by Snøhetta, the 111ft eccentric diner blissfully sits atop a barge, creating unparalleled views of the Norwegian waters and its underwater life.

With 3.2 ft thickened concrete walls, the 600 sq m building has been engineered in such a fashion that it can withstand colossal waves, a phenomenon familiar to Norwegian shores.

Walk into an oak-lined foyer before descending down a staircase into the main restaurant. In the bar, a window is cut into the side of the wall vertically, extending from above sea level down to the seabed.

Indeed, its interiors bear resemblance to a standard restaurant, except the large panoramic acrylic window that enables diners to gaze at the ocean floor at a depth of 5 m (16 ft) below the water’s surface.


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