Numbering the days to New Year with Häagen-Dazs Christmas cake

It is not just the aura or lights about the festive season that is so fascinating. It is everything. Everywhere you look, things glimmer and sparkle as though Santa Claus threw some snow dust in the air while riding high on his sleigh. You imagine it even, if it isn’t really there. It is that magical. And like in everything grand and gallant, gourmet makes a headline this week. “An explosion of ice cream bricks”. I mean, the very sound of it makes you want to invade a bakery at this ungodly hour (if you are reading this midnight that is). Häagen-Dazs gets the glorious crown of sinful treats this joyous season with its Christmas cake by Italian interior designer Paola Navone. It is a calendar cake and has blocks of chocolate, over a crispy base and some bits of heaven in between.

You can dismantle and have a tablet each day, from today, until New Year’s Eve. There are two versions. For the dark chocolate lovers, almond and brown flocking covering are the accompaniments, while the bright red version will have you drooling over macademia nut brittle and dulce de leche. A solid piece of white chocolate is the crown, shaped in blocks of varying heights and numbered (with thin chocolate slices). The only sad thing about such art is that, while on canvas paint can be preserved, on a plate all this creativity is relished to perish. Who’s complaining?



[ Via : Dezeen ]

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