Nutella unveils 7 million jars, each rolled in one-of-a kind patterns

When it comes to Nutella, it’s what the jar contains inside that matters. The luscious, nutty chocolate ooze can be enjoyed in any shape, form and size and we care to hoots to what its served out of. However, the brand is now set to make the quintessential Nutella jar just as appealing as its actual contents. Recently it had introduced 7 million unique jars- each of which are distinctively different from the other.

The project titled – Nutella Unica was introduced in February ,2017, wherein 7-million of its jars were wrapped in catchy and unique designs for buyers in Italy. The patronizations were quick to catch on with consumers, so much so that the limited editions were sold out in only a month. These very special jars are created using an algorithm that combines dozens of patterns and colors to create millions of combinations. Each one of the customizations is then printed on the label, given a unique ID code to customize authenticate it as a unique jar. The result being, millions of freshly colored and patterned containers that are bound to catch your eye on an instance!

Early in the year 2014 as well, Nutella had introduced personalized name labels on its jars that turned out to be a big hit in London’s Selfridges. The brand is also set to extend the Unica theme in the remaining EMEA countries, starting France. Look out for the uniquely patterned Nutella Jars on your next visit to the supermarket for bagging this beauty!


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