Olive oil gets a makeover with a 24-carat gold infusion

It’s been a while since gold transcended from jewelry to our day-to day products like toiletries and food articles. You could soon see it shine in your oil too! Myst- a premium food brand recently introduced the gourmet world to its exquisite gold infused extra virgin olive oil. The extravagant oil comes infused with 24-carat edible gold flakes bottled in an equally unique case.

The oil is designed to be sold in a transparent semi oval vessel sealed with a classic black cap. The gold variant will also be accompanied by a pure variety of the oil which is bottled in a similar vessel with a white top. The duo titled Myst-Gold and Myst-Pure will each be packed in 500ml bottles further sealed in a luxe black case. The bottles will also don the brand’s unique logo engraved in a glossy gold and silver paint. It’s not the packaging alone that’s enticing as the end product is tantalizingly gourmet and is made from supreme quality olives hand-picked right from the groves of mount Olympus. It boasts of being a pure blend of herbs imbued with gold and is manufactured by the method of cold extraction at low temperatures with hygiene being the primary focus.
The brand ensures that the oil is rightly labelled as “extra virgin”, offering buyers only a pure olive concoction minus chemicals or pesticides right from the stage of harvest. An exquisite packaging, a curation of specially grown olives with a hint of fresh citrus and a shine of gold, could oil get any more gourmet than this?

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