One&Only Cape Town’s Nobu entices young epicureans

In a move to woo the young ones, One&Only, Cape Town’s NOBU, has launched for the first time KidsOnly gourmet platters. With people travelling all around the globe with their children and exposing them to different haute cuisines, the team at Nobu Cape Town have come up with some scrumptious meals for the young diners.

nobu-kids-onlyThe little ones are in for a treat with a choice of vegetarian and seafood platters. The foods are designed with seasonal ingredients and the focus is on the natural and sweet flavours of certain foods. Dips, baby sushi, mini pizzas and burgers on the platter, encourage the young children to practice with chopsticks and dinner becomes an interactive experience for them. They are exposed to different tastes and textures and with the bright and bold presentation it’s a delightful experience for the kids.

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Vegetarian Sushi
Vegetarian Sushi
Research shows that infants are born with around 30,000 taste-buds, of which only one third remain by adulthood, so everything that the little ones eat is amplified in flavor. The use of salty and sour flavours has been avoided so that the kids can focus on the natural ingredients of the dishes.

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Sushi Seafood
Sushi Seafood
This unique concept from Nobu Cape Town is definitely going to catch momentum and set a trend for other Nobu restaurants all over the world. The brainchild of Chef Nobu Matsuhesa, the chain of Nobu restaurants all over are known for their artistry and innovation.

cape-town-south-africa-resortNobu Cape Town will be open from 6pm, so that the timings are suitable to the young diners. The KidsOnly Gourmet Platter costs approximately $13 for vegetarian and $ 21 for the sea food platter.

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