Only at the Noma Japan – Ants on your plate of Shrimp

Noma of Denmark the worlds no 1 restaurant has moved its home to Tokyo and is now called Noma Japan till the end of this month. It is set up on the 37th floor of the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo and offers a stunning view of Mount Fuji. Among all the innovative dishes whipped up for the 16 course dinner, the one that particularly caught our attention was called “Flavours of the Nagano Forest”. Created by head chef Rene Radzepi, this is definitely one of its kind and sure to start a trend. The dish has fresh premium jumbo shrimps served on a platter of ice. However it is the seasoning on the top that catches everyone’s eyes. Tiny wild black ants, a dozen to be precise are carefully arranged on the shrimp as seasoning. The chef believes that the sharp acidity of the ants act as a perfect accent for the sweet succulent flesh of the shrimps.

Till now an ant in your food would be reason for anger but now people are ready to pay for those ants on their plate. Speaking of paying, the dinner costs JPY 149,500 ($ 1265) for two and has long been sold out.

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[Via – Spoon-Tamago]

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