Paris open its very first all-nude restaurant

France is no stranger to nudity. From naked beaches to pools with skinny-dipping facilities, the country offers a range of options to those who like it ‘au-naturel’. In a first of its kind event though, the French capital opened doors to a restaurant where diners can eat stress and cloth-free, quite literally! O’Naturel, as it is called, happens to be the very first all-nude restaurant in the country and Parisians are already queuing up at its door!

The bizarre restaurant that can be found on the city’s rue de Gravelle in the 12th arrondissement is already garnering much attention from residents as well as travelers. Apart from offering you the opportunity to drop your inhibitions (as well as your clothes), O’Naturel serves you some of the best French dishes as part of its menu. From classic foie gras to decadent French wines, the restaurant is a go-to place for those who are willing to gorge on some excellent French food. Plus, it saves you the trouble of washing away rigid food stains, incase you happen to spill some off your plate!

The diners are however advised to come dressed to the restaurant and bare it all only on entering the premises. On the other hand, waiters and cooks remain fully dressed for sanitary and other purposes. The posh diner seats close to 40 people at once with a typical meal there costing around $35 per person. O’Naturel officially opened on the 3rd of the month, with the first dinner being served to the members of the Paris Naturist Association. So if you are willing to eat naked without peeking at other’s danglers, you know where to head!


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