Patrón Tequila and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro collaborate for a one-of-its-kind Tequila project

A fusion of two master minds can hardly ever go wrong and this is proven yet again by revered spirit manufacturer – Patrón Tequila’s recent collaboration with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The former’s excellence in curating the best liquor combined with the dark and sultry aesthetics of the latter has resulted into a one-of-a-kind deluxe package that gives you an insight into the art and rituals of Mexico while letting you sample the richest know liquor within.

The limited-edition product features a skull and skeleton shaped bottle that comes housed in a delicately designed box with dark images that present a very intriguing insight into the world of Mexican culture. The extra -ordinary drawings draw inspiration from “jimadores’ or the skilled laborers in Mexico who for generations have hand-harvested and trimmed the Weber Blue Agave that creates tequila. Inside the package one can find a 750-ml bottle that contains a fine blend of extra añejo tequila and 100 ml aged orange liqueur.

The decanter displays a warm orange and red color palate that plays a stark contrast to its black and silver outer case. Within the package, one can also find a hardcover book called the “Tomo de la Creación,” which contains original sketches and initial artwork for the project. The exclusive limited edition set is currently available for the suggested retail price of $399 across the country.

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