Paul Stiven’s chewing gum capitalizes on luxury brands

Chewing gum is not really something I would ever splurge on; give me some good old juicy fruit and I’m set. However, some are addicted to their gum; I’ve known people who love it so much they have smuggled it into Singapore despite the ban! Whatever your take on gum, Paul Stiven’s range is really more about the packaging than the actual gum. Originally he had a luxury brand theme going, with miniature Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Burberry packaging; this line is no longer available due to what I can only assume are copyright issues. Unfortunately, he has not stopped mooching off the brand’s well-established names, as he still uses Burberry’s signature plaid and Louis Vuitton’s signature check just without the brand name. Perhaps Stiven should look at the recent copyright case between Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent to get an idea of the thin line he’s standing on.

Other than the miniature branded collection, the gum also comes packaged in a punk collection and a military-style collection. The military collection comes packed in grenades, brass knuckles, and bullets. Perhaps the most blatant copy is the mini Birkin packaging, which comes in a typical Hermes Orange box.

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[Via – Ifitshipitshere]