Perrier Jouët’s limited edition 2005 Belle Epoque Rosé comes in a stunning bottle by Vik Muniz

The most promising collaborations are always those that bring imagination and spirit to things we already know and love. In this case, we have contemporary Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz, lending his artistic flair to the limited edition bottle of Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé 2005. Muniz’s design is intricate and romantic, reminiscent of the pictures in a child’s story book. Equally fairytale-like is the inspiration behind his design; Muniz imagined a golden hummingbird seeking nectar among the petals of a bed of flowers. When the hummingbird’s awed gaze fell upon a young white anemone, a blush turned its petals pink, much like the Belle Epoque Rosé. The anemone is emblematic of Perrier Jouët and has long since been synonymous with the brand.

Thus, a delicate hummingbird replaces the brand label, making the bottle something special and worth collecting; a fitting vessel for delicate yet decadent wine that boasts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes and belongs to the Champagne region of France.
Perrier Jouët have impressed up in the past with their collaborations and artistry. Their Florale Edition Belle Epoque, Claire Coles wine glasses and Enchanting Tree have all been visually appealing and artistically relevant. With the new Vik Muniz collaboration, the brand is only moving from strength to strength.
200 bottles of the limited edition have been released and connoisseurs can quickly snap up a bottle at Harvey Nichols for £200 (around $325).


[Available at Harvey-Nichols]

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