Pics: A roller coaster that is made of hundreds of cafe chairs pops up in France

Gone are the days when cute cafes and beach-side restaurants seemed like innovative ideas and amused us! Now it’s all about robot-themed restaurants and rollercoaster cafes! With a whopping 1200-seater capacity, Place Du Bouffay in France is now a temporary home to a pop-up rollercoaster cafe, now can you believe that!

Well for one if you’re Baptiste Debombourg, transforming ordinary elements into an element nothing short of fascinating is definitely your forte! “Stellar” as it’s called – integrates similar chairs that are used in its surrounding cafes to create this masterpiece.
This piece of art coming from Debombourg is not that surprising! I mean after all he is the one that fashioned sculptures made of staples and a gold and feather-dipped plastic bag! Debombourg says, “Sculptural work is generally part of a contextual approach, and I operate in a space with materials chosen specifically for it.”
This August, France’s Nantes cultural program is “taking over” the town where a plethora of artists transform various public places into enthralling spectacles.

[Via – Inhabitat]

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