Potato chips get a luxe upgrade with real caviar!

Growing up, our favorite TV snacks were undoubtedly potato chips. Spicy, salty and even sweet, the potato chip of yore was pretty basic but addictive nonetheless. Lately you’ve probably seen a tad more exotic flavors in your grocery store. Habanero pepper? White truffle? Iberico ham? We’ve certainly been there and seen all that. But one Spanish company is upping the ante by introducing a flavor that’s so over the top, it definitely takes the crown.

Torres Selecta has introduced caviar flavored chips that are sure to raise some eyebrows. The bag of chips includes dehydrated caviar which the brand says makes them “a fusion between land and sea”. They also suggest pairing these premium chips with white wine or champagne. The chips are priced at $ 4.95 for a 3.8 oz. bag and the ingredient list is simple. Only dehydrated caviar and caviar flavoring appear in addition to staples like potatoes, sunflower oil and salt.

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So will this be your next go-to snack for all the Netflix marathons?

[Available at:Yummybazaar]

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