Priced at $260 per bar, could To’ak be the world’s most expensive chocolate?

Priced at $260 per bar To’ak chocolate might just be the priciest candy you ever ate. But according to creator Jerry Toth, it’s worth every penny, that’s because unlike you regular chocolate bar, To’ak is made from an ultra-rare variety of cacao plants called Nacional cacao that grow in Ecuador. In fact, this particular species of cacao was believed to be near extinction until it was rediscovered by Toth and his partner Carl Schweizer who decided to create a luxury chocolate bar using their incredible find.

From harvesting to fermenting and grinding the beans all the processes are “controlled by hand” according to Toth who stated that the processing can take four to five months for just a few hundred bars. In a factory, a few hundred bars could probably be produced in a matter of hours. The hand-molded chocolate bard feature a single cacao bean in the center to remind consumers of the authenticity of the product and process.

Each chocolate bar is presented in a hand-crafted Spanish Elm wooden box that has the individual bar number engraved on the back. The box also contains Spanish Elm tasting tongs and a 116-page booklet that guides novices to the ritual of dark chocolate tasting and tells the story of the rare bean’s sourcing.

As of now, only 89 bars of To’ak chocolate are available on the brand’s website, so those seeking a taste of luxury had better hurry up!

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