Priced at $5700 is this the world’s most expensive Haggis?

The Scottish delicacy Haggis may not be everybody’s cup pf tea, but the famed dish now has a new and incredibly expensive avatar. Butchers Macsween have sought out highly coveted ingredients to create what is supposedly the world’s most expensive Haggis. Made from Highland wagyu beef, white summer truffle from France and tellicherry black pepper from India, the haggis is decorated with edible 24 carat gold. That’s a massive upgrade for a dish whose usual ingredients are lamb heart, lungs and liver with onions and spices.

This 4 kg haggis is available by commission only and comes with a price tag of £4000 which is about US$5,700. Macsween’s MD and Director of Innovation, James Macsween, said, “Robert Burns’ famous poem transformed the humble haggis into a world icon and this year we wanted to put a luxury twist on the occasion. Good haggis making is an art and we wanted to highlight this. At Macsween, we’re passionate about offering all of our customers only the best high quality, delicious products made to the family recipe.”

[ Via : Stv ]

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