Profess your love with Veuve Clicquot Rose

What better way to celebrate your love than with the bubbly that is synonymous with celebrations and love. The Vevue Clicquot Rose Scream your Love megaphone and champagne accessories celebrate love in the most bold and daring manner. Surprisingly the idea of the megaphone took root in Japan, a country where the culture is otherwise known to be reserved and emotionally introvert.

The Scream your Love Campaign allows men to scream out their love loudly via the megaphone for the world to hear about how much they love their partners. Veuve Clicquot instantly warmed to this idea and have themed champagne accessories designed to make the occasion even more special and memorable.

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veuve-clicquot-ros-2The reusable Rose bottle carrier can be used as a waterproof ice bucket or can be converted into a lover’s megaphone through which he can declare undying love to his lover. You can take it one step further and choose the gifting box, which has the ice bucket /megaphone, a bottle of Rose, and two champagne flutes. The Scream Your Love megaphone chiller is fun, stylish and reusable whereas the metallic megaphone has a delicate rose finish.
To use the megaphone simply twist the large lid off and shout into the smaller end. To switch it back into a chiller, turn the lid to face up, click into place the small end of the megaphone, fill up the larger end with ice and chill the bubbly in it.

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What better way to tell the world you love her and then celebrate the the moment with champagne.

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