Quora answers – Does a Michelin star belong to the restaurant or the chef?

An age-old question when it comes to fine dining. Daniel Yoon answers –

It belongs to the chef despite it being awarded as a plaque to the restaurant and the name of the restaurant being featured in the guide.

But it gets a bit tricky when we analyze it.

Joël Robuchon is a celebrity in the culinary world. This French cuisine chef has more than 30 Michelin stars spanning across 12 restaurants.

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However, chef Robuchon is only one person and can only be at one place at a time. So how does he have stars across 12 restaurants? He certainly doesn’t cook for each restaurant every day.

This is where the plaque comes into play.

The plaque signifies that the star belongs to the chef that has passed on his cooking to the head chef of the restaurant now getting the stars.

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It’s kind of like an athlete winning a gold medal in the Olympics, but the gold medal “honor” belongs to the country in the tally count, while the physical copy goes to the athlete.

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