Re-defying luxury meals, Neiman Marcus will make you pay $110 for fancy enchiladas

Since when did tamales and enchiladas become a luxury? Thanks to Neiman Marcus, these Mexican delights (often bought from the back of the food truck parked right next to your office) can now be called your next luxury meal. While a dozen of regular frozen tamales will cost you nothing over $15, a bunch of six Neiman Marcus tamales prepare to burn a $ 110 hole in your pocket. Luckily though, the price comes inclusive of shipping rates. A while ago we gave you a peak into Nieman Marcus’s ultra-luxurious Christmas book, 2015 which spelt out the fanciest Christmas buys for customers. Carrying its legacy of extravagance ahead, this time the luxury retailer has decided to give your regular Tex-Mex fare quite a spin!

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Though overpriced for few, these tamales promise you a delightful gourmet taste which is backed by an authentic handmade recipe of fresh corn, top quality meats, lard, spices, and authentic flavorings. You can also pick the meat of your choice from chicken, beef, pork or an assorted mix of all. If tamales if not what you’re looking for, the Dallas retailer also offers you a Mexican enchilada dinner for a $ 72 with an extra $ 18 for shipping and handling it till your home. Inclusive of six pieces of beef and chicken each, a dinner serving priced at $72 doesn’t seem like a bad deal. However if going all out is your style, you can lure your guests into a whole Neiman Marcus Mexican treat with a $65 King ranch chicken casserole, a $69 southwest appetizer trio or a massive pork roast which comes with an equally heavy price tag of a $410. In case you have any will left to spend further, you can end the affair on a sweet note with a fine selection of $50 cakes! For all that’s worth you can have this dose of gourmet reach you right at your doorstep within a matter of a few clicks while you boast of enjoying Neiman Marcus’ cheesy new take on frozen luxury food.
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