Remy Martin pushed the envelope once again with their $12000 per bottle Louis XIII Legacy

Remy Martin has introduced their new cognac, a limited edition, christened Remy Martin Louis XIII Legacy. Only 500 bottles have been produced and the brand has taken pains to ensure that each one reflects the quality and history associated with Remy Martin.

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Each crystal decanter contains a blend of 1,200 of the finest eaux-de-vie, with some as much as a century old. The blend boasts a flavor as rich and nuanced as you would expect, from the fruity notes of the younger cognacs to the leather, sandalwood and nutmeg notes of the 100 year old spirits. The crystal decanters that contain this spirit of life, have been signed Rémy Martin’s four living cellar masters—André Giraud, Georges Clot, Pierrette Trichet, and current cellar master Baptiste Loiseau, to make the limited editions even more special.

The decanters are presented in coffrets made of Italian calfskin leather that feature numbered plaques. Each bottle is a piece of Remy Martin’s history and the price tag of $12,000 certainly is a reflection of that!

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