Ritsue Mishima’s stunning creations for Perrier-Jouët are on display at Design Miami

Japanese artist Ritsue Mishima has created two beautiful works for Perrier-Jouët currently on display at the Design Miami exhibition. Perrier-Jouët has been collaborating with artists since 1902 when the company first had one of its champagne bottles commissioned. Since then, many collaborations have followed with recent ones including names like Vik Muniz, Benjamin Graindorge and Makoto Azuma.

Mishima’s first creation is christened “All’ombra della luce” (In the shadow of light) and it is a grand installation that explores the relationship between light and shadow. The installation is comprised of hundreds of blown glass discs suspended from the ceiling at different heights. The seasons of spring and summer as well as the contrast between sunlit vineyards and dark cellars are referenced in the installation.
“They have the limestone underneath, so it is an ideal place to draw the grapes, and it was very interesting to see the region and the terroir, that was very interesting for me,” explained Mishima who visited Perrier-Joüet’s vineyards in Champagne, France before beginning her creative process.
Mishima studied glasswork in Venice and has lived in there since 1989. Her other creation is a large hand-blown glass bowl which evokes the ritual of serving champagne.

“When I visited the Maison Belle Epoque in Epernay, I remember being struck by the delicate light in which the garden was bathed. “The subtle shade of the [Cuvée Belle Epoque], the elegant bubbles catching the light, and the delicate anemones winding around the bottle influenced the creative process,” she said.

“My glass is transparent and colorless. It is lit by the rays of the sun, by reflections on water, and by the emotions of those who observe it. It captures light and surrounding color, then liberates them once more,” Mishima added.

Towards the end of the year, Perrier-Jouët and Mishima will release another element of their collaboration: a limited edition gift pack.

[ Via : Perrier-Jouet ]

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