Ruinart designs new champagne boxes by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek

Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek and popular Champagne brand Ruinart collaborate to showcase Piet Hein Eek’s work of art through seven art fairs, which started on March 28th this year. The highlight of the fair is the designer’s limited-edition champagne boxes created and crafted at his workshop. The elegant V-shaped boxes have been made of recycled wood in pale grey, white, and cream-colored pine pieces for the Blanc de Blancs bottles and brown, sober raspberry, pepper red, and pink for Rosé. A very contemporary desirable design.

Each art fair would also display a 7x5meter arch installation in wood and steel showcasing 224 bottles of Blanc de Blancs. The installation has been internally illuminated with lights, those of which create a magical aura throwing brilliant light reflections on the bottles.

Individual boxes for the champagne have been crafted in different sizes depending on the quantity of the bottle. It holds 2,500 boxes for 75L bottles of Blanc de Blancs worth $154, 550 boxes for magnum 1.5L of Blanc de Blancs worth $295, 150 boxes for Jeroboam 3L of Blanc de Blancs worth $760, and four 75L bottles of Rosé worth $380.

The art fairs are scheduled at: Art Paris (March 28 to Apr 1), MiArt Milan (Apr 5 to 7), Zona Maco Mexico (Apr 10 to 14), Art Brussels (Apr 18 to 21), Art Cologne (Apr 19 to 22), Art Basel (June 13 to 16) and Art Basel Miami (Dec 5 to 8).

[Via – Artinfo]

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