Samuel Adams unveils $200 beer that is too good to be legal

The brewers at Samuel Adams love to surprise us every few years. This time, they are up with a beer that is so good, that it might just be illegal for you to consume it. That’s right! We are talking about the marquee’s new release titled Utopia that contains an ABV of 28%, quite unlike any other beer known to mankind!

The biennial release will manufacture only 13,000 bottles for distribution in the US, with an unfortunate bar on sale in eleven states in the country. Why the ban you ask? The heavy alcohol percentage in the beer clashes with permissible spirit consumption in states such as Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington. For instance, Montana has a 16 percent ABV limit for beer, while others have an even smaller stoppage limit. Free states in the US can however enjoy the exquisite beer for $199 per pint.

The pricey Utopia further comes with a unique taste that replicates that of fine liquor. It carries the sweetness of port that is combined with a smooth, almost buttery finish of malt. It further negates the quintessential beer froth to a minimum owing to its high alcohol content. Like any premium spirit, Utopia is suggested to be consumed rather leisurely. You may want to keep the chugging at bay with this one!


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