San Francisco is getting a Gummy bear museum

Just when we thought candy covered installations are a passé, we are hit with the news of an upcoming gummy bear museum in San Francisco that pretty much compels us to change our mind! After being graced with the likes of a quirky ice cream museum in New York as well as the Instagram famous Color Factory, it’s now time for the city by the bay to please us with a one-of-its-kind gummy bear pop-up museum.

YouTube video

The unique gallery promises to offer visitors a multi-sensorial experience with several gummy bear build-ups and art installations to relish and feast on. Guests will be able to taste different kinds of chewy colored bears, gaze at original gummy art from 15 talented artists, and even try their hand at creating their very own gummy bear flavor. To make matters worthier, the museum will also collaborate with non-profit Meds & Food for Kids to raise funds for children in Haiti that are suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

As part of the charity, organizers will donate a container of more than 170,000 Plumpy’Nuts (ready to eat therapeutic food bars) to the targeted groups in the Caribbean region. While dates and the location for its official launch are unknown, a Kickstarter campaign for the museum is currently in the pipeline. If the sweet news of a gummy bear gallery has got your taste bud tingling, go on and make a contribution and help get it to life!


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