See what happens when seven-year olds head to French restaurant Daniel for a $220 per person dinner

This might just be a sign that food critics are getting younger. Last month French restaurant Daniel, one of Brooklyn’s finest invited six second-graders to dine there. What followed was- seven spectacular courses, balloons that burst to reveal chocolate truffles underneath and a toast to vampires.

“I never had the chance to go to a fancy restaurant when I was a child,” said chef-owner of the eponymous restaurant, Daniel Boulud, who also welcomed the schoolchildren from P.S. 295. And while his Wagyu Beef Rib-Eye steak received table-round rave reviews, far from the same could be said of the Smoked Paprika cured Hamachi with Ossetra Caviar which while “delicious looking” tasted “disgusting”. Dessert became the greatest hit and included Fraises et Coquelicots (a dessert made with strawberry and poppy), Velours D’Abricot (made with chocolate and apricot) as well as chocolate truffles.

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The kids were treated with the seven-course tasting menu as part of New York Times magazine’s fall Food issue. A charming video titled ‘Small Plates’ directed by Jeffrey Blitz (of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Spellbound” fame) captures the extravagant dinner that came with a trio of canapés and an amuse-bouche and regularly goes for $220.

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[Via – NY-Times]

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