Seeking a signature drink? Jack Daniel’s is offering customers a chance to buy one-of-a-kind barrels of whiskey!

Jack Daniel’s is offering whiskey connoisseurs an opportunity like no other! Through the brand’s Personal Collection program, whiskey lovers can purchase a barrel of their favorite via Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select. With Jack Daniel’s master distillers to help guide your choice, you can select a barrel of whiskey and make it your signature drink! Barrels from the top of the Jack Daniel’s warehouse will be reserved for the Personal Collection program as their exposure to extreme temperatures gives these whiskies the most flavor and color.

Customers can either have their barrel selected for them by the Master Distiller and receive samples based on flavor profiles, or they can visit the distillery in Lynchburg and select a barrel with the help of Master Distiller Jeff Arnett or his team of Master Tasters. The brand has also created a custom barrel head, framed barrel certificate, a unique purchase certificate, and luxury decanter and glassware that are meant to enhance the experience of buying your own barrel of whiskey. Customers will also receive a personalized Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel bottle with their name or a special message.

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“The Personal Collection program represents the best of the best from Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and is a unique opportunity for whiskey enthusiasts to take part in what we do at Jack Daniel’s,” said Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, “I couldn’t think of a more perfect way for people to discover the nuances of our Tennessee Whiskey then by bringing them into the process and having them own a personal piece of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.”

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Prices per barrel generally start at $10,000 plus taxes. Barrels will be available to purchase through the Personal Collection program beginning in July.

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