Someone stole a $1.3M bottle of vodka from a Danish bar

We’ve heard stories of several alcohol thefts, but those behind it are mostly penniless drinkers or just addicts of sorts. In a recent happening in Copenhagen though, a rare Vodka bottle was stolen from a local bar, sending the owner as well as the police into a frenzy owing to the sheer extravagance of the stolen wonder. The taken vodka costed an estimated $1.3 million and was unfortunately uninsured!

Not only this, the stolen decanter was also the world’s most expensive Vodka bottle in the world! It was kept on display at a Danish local bar at the time of theft, and was snuck away by an unknown intruder as seen in the CCTV footage. While the police are investigating the case on priority, it is still unknown whether the thief had a key to the bar or he simply broke inside it. As per Bar owner Brian Ingberg, he had borrowed the rare Russo-Baltique vodka from the Latvia-based Dartz Motor Company on a loan and it was on display at his premises only for a period of six months.

The iconic gold and silver bottle came decorated in leather with a replica of the radiator guard used for Russo-Baltique cars and a diamond encrusted cap to go along with it. It had also made an appearance in an episode of House of Cards as a gift from the Russian president to his US counterpart. No wonder it caught the fancy of the unknown thief in Copenhagen!


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