Starbucks boosts its iced coffee with a nitro infusion

In gastronomy, molecular cuisine is the current hot trend. It involves using chilled nitrogenous gas to prepare bite-sized dishes. In Starbucks, you will get the feel of a draught beer apparently. Which is more fun, so we must look forward to this summer at Starbucks and try out its Nitro Cold Brew. It will be sold in more than 500 Starbucks outlets by the end of summer. This cold coffee infuses nitrogen to “deliver a smooth and creamy sweetness” plus get the texture and body you would expect in draught beer.

This move follows the massive success of the brand’s regular cold brew last year, which increased sales of iced beverages by 20%. Time will tell how much nitro can hike, or god forbid slump.

[ Via : Time ]

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