Starbucks, Japan unveils a new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

For those of us who consider Coffee and Dessert as the most blissful combination ever, there is reason to rejoice as Starbucks is all set to roll out a new and uber-cool Frappuccino drink that comes laden with a crusty Cherry Pie atop! Set to release in Japan on the 13th of the month, this delicious mish mashed drink comes power packed with lip-smacking flavors which promise to give you a sugar rush you wouldn’t dare to forget!

The delightful new flavor will be officially introduced for Starbucks fans in Japan on the occasion of Sakura or the Cherry Blossom season in the country. Unlike the regular Frappuccino’s, the novel coffee drink comes with a domes pie crust topping that is pierced with a straw, thus recreating the experience of digging into a pie with a fork. Below the crusty goodness, one can find a sinful layer of freshly whipped cream followed by a vanilla-flavored base that is filled with bite-sized pie pieces throughout its cherry compote. Each dollop of this extremely creative dessert is said to contain the delicious bittersweet flavors of American cherry fruit that render a whole new experience to pie-eating!

Along with the Cherry Pie Frappuccino, Starbucks Japan will also release another mouth-watering flavor that presents a satisfying blend of Earl Grey, Ceylon and crimson-hued Malawi teas. If you happen to be visiting Japan on the 13th of this month, you know where to head for a divine cup of Frap!


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