Sublimotion returns to Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, adds the Samsung Gear VR to create new senses

After launching the incredible, not to forget- most-expensive dining experience there is, Sublimotion by two-Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, has unveiled his art meets sensory meets gastronomy meets technology experience, once again this year. What takes his dining experience to new levels will be the addition of Samsung’s latest wearable technology; the Samsung Gear VR.

So just as guests settle in for dinner, they will be handed a Samsung Gear VR that will transport them to the bottom of the sea giving them an augmented reality experience of the dishes to be served. So seafood starters will experience their food being served in a giant illuminated shell along with an ionised cold broth while surrounded by views of the sea world and sea aroma while a video-recipe pops at each bite. Their dining journey also takes them to Peru where they will experience the deconstruction of a traditional ceviche and to Japan where they will eat and experience nigiri made with ventresca, served with shallots, seaweed, sea beans, red Shiso and a wasabi dressing.
For the uninitiated, Sublimotion is a technology capsule spread across 350 square meters that promises to surprise with a mise-en-scène so that guests can experience a multi-sensory dinner. The dining room itself is a blank canvas with sophisticated audiovisual installation.
Sublimotion which opens next June 1 allows only 12 diners each day to enjoy their multi-sensory dining experience.


[ Via : Hedomag ]

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