Sydney chef creates the worlds most expensive pie at $9500

This is no humble pie. At $9,484, it is an aristocratic pie. Is it made of golf, you may ask. Yes, it has some gold, albeit in the form of a 23 carat German gold leaf, which is the crowning glory of a layer of treasures beneath it. And not surprisingly, this is claimed to be the most expensive pie in the world. Arguably, though. As there has been an earlier occasion where a $14,260 meat pie was made. Nonetheless, this is the world’s most expensive surf and turf pie.

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This creation is the result of an achievement made by Australian online coupon seller Groupon. To celebrate reaching two million food vouchers in Australia, they got into a collaboration with The Lord Dudley Hotel in Paddington to create this expensive treat. Executive chef Paul Medcalf, the man who behind this creation, came up with a recipe over three weeks. Ingredients of this masterpiece include different premium beef cuts from well-known butcher David Blackmore including brisket and beef tenderloin marble score, two Western Australian rock lobsters and rare Winter Black truffles.
Here is the fun part. You can get a taste of this rich bite if you can give a good reason to Groupon on why you would want to dig your teeth into this mighty fare. The winner will be announced on June 4 and if you are the one, then fly to Sydney to claim your prize. And if that doesn’t happen, why not make it at home? Remaining ingredients for the Posh Pie are Grange Reserve bottles, dried Italian porcini mushrooms, puff pastry, organic vegetables eschalot, carrot, celery, leek, vine ripened tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato puree, thyme and veal sauce.

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