Take a look at Cooleo: World’s first double-layered wine bottle

Ever popped open a wine bottle, had a glass or two and then cringed to its luke-warm taste in the next re-fill? Well, your wine refrigeration woes may soon be behind you. Thanks to Cooleo, a German based design firm, a double-filtered wine decanter is now here, which not only promises to hold your sprit but also keep it cool for a longer duration.

The insulated wine bottle has taken three years to develop, starting with its inception in wineries to thorough research and manufacturing. Made from hand-blown Borosilicate glass, the bottle looks sleek and can be up-cycled and re-used any number of times. It has officially been launched by design company Our Wonderful World and is now up for pre-order on Cooleo’s website. The project will also show up on Kickstarter onward July 22 with a range investment packages to choose from.

Commenting on the bottle’s efficiency and use, Oliver Conrad, the award-winning German designer behind Cooleo, said: “The bottle is one of our most exciting product innovations. Our intention was to create a concept that combines traditional glass blowing with elegant, modern design. The result is a functional and beautiful product which will bring a step change in wine marketing.” The decanter has already been adopted by German winery Wasem, which recently ordered 6,000 of its bottles to house its Pinot Noir rosé and dry Riesling.


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