Take a look at Plum, it is like Nespresso but instead of coffee dispenses wine

The dilemma of ‘not wanting to consume a whole bottle of wine, but nonetheless craving a glass full of it’ has finally been solved! Presenting the godsend gift for wine lovers: The Plum! Coming in a compact size, the machine allows you to pour yourself a glass of the spirit, by keeping the rest of the bottle’s content stored for consumption up to 90 days!

Also called as the future of minibars, The Plum has arrived in the hotel industry and is only getting more favored with each passing day. The sleek looking device allows the integration of two bottles with it, thus letting guests have a chilled glass of wine, per their preference. It includes a molded brushed stainless-steel shell and a unique technology that can automatically identify up to 220 varieties of wine to see the best possible conditions for storage. The genius also comes with a virtual tasting room, that gives notes and information on the wine before a purchase is made.

With the use of an integrated touchscreen and audio interface, the Plum bills guests per glass and also alerts housekeeping for a refill, when it’s emptied of the contents within. As per David Koretz, founder and CEO of Plum, “It enables guests to enjoy moments at the touch of a button, and in the privacy of their room.” It’s no wonder then, that names such as La Confidante now have The Plum on board in each of their rooms!


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