Take a look at the limited-edition Hennessy X.O decanter by Marc Newson

Cognac lovers are known to the joys that a glass of Hennessy can bring them. And their ecstasy can only double when the heartwarming spirit is poured out of a decanter just as stunning as the liquid within. Here to please cognac connoisseurs and art collectors’ world over, revered spirit manufacturer – Hennessy has introduced the very enticing “X.O collection bottles” that are truly a delight for the eyes!

The super luxe decanter is designed by none other than industrial designer Marc Newson, thus immediately making it a wanted wonder for art lovers. While the celebrated blend has earlier met several designer containers, almost none have matched the simple supremacy of Marc’s new work. The novel Hennessy home features the original grape and leaves that are now flipped into a modern interpretation to emphasize the iconic shape of the bottle. Owing to the integrated straight lines the decanter gets a rather contemporary look that further elevates the blend within it, when it comes contact with light.

As for the contents inside the bottle, they are nothing short of rich, smooth and immensely flavorful – just the right way a cognac enthusiast would prefer it. The exclusive Hennessy X.O. bottle further shines through as it comes wrapped in a modern gift box in place of the ordinary packaging. The Hennessy X.O 2017 limited edition bottle by Marc Newson is available for a suggested retail price of $200 and is bound to sell at lighting speed. You may want to hurry up if you wish to bag it for your home bar!


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