Take a look inside Europe’s first underwater restaurant to be built in Norway

There’s hardly anything one cannot do in Europe. From architectural bewilderment to modern charisma, the continent is capable of mesmerizing almost every soul. And soon enough, it will please water babies like never before with an underwater restaurant in Norway. The aesthetically built marvel will also act as an artificial reef that will enable researchers to protect the sea waters and conduct crucial marine studies.

Aptly named as ‘Under’, the one-of-its-kind restaurant is designed to look like an empty vessel that has been casually dumped on shores. However, don’t be fooled by its unappealing outers as it will be home to a range of awe-inspiring experiences for its guests. It will make up a total of three levels – with a cloakroom on the first floor, a champagne bar on the next and the restaurant at the bottom. The deluxe serving room will be able to accommodate roughly 80 to 100 people at once, where guests can sample delicacies cooked up by none other than Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen.

The entire restaurant will be covered with walls thick enough to withstand contingencies and acrylic windows that are 36-foot wide and 13 feet tall. It has been conceptualized by design firm Snohetta that states, “Through its architecture, menu and mission of informing the public about the biodiversity of the sea, ‘Under’ will provide an under-water experience inspiring a sense of awe and delight, activating all the senses – both physical and intellectual.’ The pristine underwater restaurant is slated to open doors in 2019.


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